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How LeadPro Works

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Streamline and centralize your sales efforts

With LeadPro, you can review, analyze and update customer information as needed. Information about current and prospective customers can be entered in three ways:

  • Your salespeople can enter leads using an easy-to-complete form.
  • Information from your website’s contact form or credit application can be automatically imported into the LeadPro database.
  • If your back-end software exports account information, LeadPro can autofill data in order to add existing customers.

Your sales representatives are fully accountable

  • LeadPro keeps track of all system changes up to the minute, including the time the entry is created, individual updates and status changes.
  • The system administrator can assign, track and review the detailed history of each lead from start to finish.
  • For greater control of your sales staff’s productivity, specific time frames can be designated for the lead status to be updated – notifications will be repeated until status has been updated.

Customized and password-protected

Each item will include the following information (fields and additional options will be modified to meet your specific needs):

  • Account number (existing accounts only)
  • Customer name
  • Customer contact information
  • Addresses (multiple for move-in/move-out)
  • Referral source
  • Products and services of interest
  • Urgency of lead
  • Status of lead
  • General notes
  • Much, much more

LeadPro is fully password-protected; a designated administrator or manager can add or change users and determine their level of access to the system.

Manage your sales staff’s performance through custom reports

  • Administrators will be able to filter the entire lead tracking database by status, last date changed, urgency, salesperson, or any other criteria stored.
  • The system administrator can view customized reports of each sales representative’s progress.
  • Any other custom reporting necessary can either be built into the system or generated by PriMedia as needed.

Unleash your sales potential and build your bottom line – contact us to learn more.